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Our team is dedicated to adventure travel in various forms practiced in Greece – sailing, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, rafting, sea sports, running.

We operate several tour companies, all created to honor Greece. Aegea Adventures offers leisure and soft adventure activities.  CycleGreece is our exclusive cycling division.  Marathon Greece is our exclusive running division.

  • Colleen McGuire Cycling Goddess

    Colleen’s second passion is cycling. In 1997, she bicycled by herself from New York City to San Francisco, 3,765 miles, carrying all her gear: tent, sleeping bag, camping stove, food, tools, the basics. After graduating from law school in New Orleans, Colleen ran her own housing rights law firm in New York City for 16 years. And then Greece called…

  • Yiannis Skevis Our Glorious Leader

    Yiannis is our Operations Director. Born in Delfi Greece, he spent his early years close to nature in the mountain ranges surrounding his birthplace. At an early age he emigrated to the US where he received his education and developed his personality and skills in outdoor activities. He has attended many seminars and training courses in sports management and physical health endurance.


  • Panayioti “Pete” Sarris
  • Mary Voit
  • Giorgos Altyparmarkis
  • Panayioti “Pete” Sarris

    Panayioti “Pete” Sarris, Field Director

    Pete is a perfectionist. When it comes to bicycles, he is fanatic that each bike be in top condition and precisely adjusted for each rider’s needs.

    Pete has a passion for cycling, road or mountain bike, often carrying his gear to camp out deep in some of Greece’s more remote nature spots. He is also a skilled painter, be it church icons or abstract art featuring boats and bicycles. Pete teaches painting to children with special needs.

    His daughter Zoe was born May, 2014 and Pete has already prepared his bike to enable her to ride with him.

  • Mary Voit

    Mary Voit, Media Developer & Guide

    Mary’s full name is Maria Voitovich, and she is from Belarus. She has not lived in her home country since 2005 at which time she took residence in Greece where she studied music and communication in American College of Greece.

    Mary has the ability to simultaneously perform her two favorite hobbies, road cycling and photography. She speeds ahead and then captures action shots of the clients as they come along.

    Mary also composes original music with the piano, and has also studied the harp. Mary’s seemingly inexhaustible creativity can also be found in the kitchen.

  • Giorgos Altyparmarkis

    Giorgos Altyparmarkis, Chief Bike Mechanic

    Giorgos is, hands down, the best bicycle mechanic in all of Greece. This is not surprising considering he runs his own bike repair shop in Athens that has been in his family for forty years, albeit originally for motorcycles. Name any region in Greece, and Giorgos has cycled there. He knows roads and off-roads better than any Greek cartographer. He has a grand affection for night riding during a full moon.

Our Brands

Aegea Adventures offers soft adventure and leisure tours to travelers who seek out alternative but comfortable ways to discover a foreign country.

Our exclusive cycling division, offering guided and self-guided tours on road bikes or hybrids in Greece and the Greek islands.

City break low impact eco-friendly day tours and multi-day packages in Athens and the Attica region – active and leisure choices.

Our exclusive sailing division on traditional wooden yachts, day sails up to 30 passengers, multi-day cruises up to 16 passengers.

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